2011年12月29日 星期四

YEC--New Year Crank up

my earnest fellows,
as 2012 gets nearer, the YEC is resuming on this coming Sunday (1/1), and I deeply hope to see more of you coming back. Did anyone make a new year resolution? Such as improving your English, mending your fences with God, or even lose some weight... Well, mine is to drive/ride safe. In retrospect, 2011 brought me two accidents with bone fractures, which left me hospitalized for almost a week each time. I'll be on the mend into next year. But instead of seeing it as "accidents come in pairs" why not interpret it in a rather different way, like "a blessing in disguise", for example. I'm convinced that God never gives us more than we can handle.
Back to our topic, we're scheduled to finish unit 6 (applying the vocabulary) and see a documentary as usual. All the best for you in 2012, see ya!

2011年12月19日 星期一

YEC announcement--Xmas schedule

God rest ye merry gentlemen (and ladies too),
let me remind you that the YEC is scheduled to go through a pause on Xmas day only to resume on 1/1, so until next year. We have the last bit of unit 6 discussion left over; and according to our usual practice, we'll see a DVD documentary right after that. In any case, there goes attached the file for Unit 7 for those who didn't get it.
The potluck dinner at the church (12/24, 17:30) is for everybody so this an "official invitation" for anyone who wishes to come, don't pass this up!
Oh yeah, one more thing, it's a thrill to see an old face coming back to class. Steven has been busy for quite a time; and as far as I know, he's having some minor changes in his job recently. Let's hope that change is for the better so that he'll be available on Sunday mornings to join us at the YEC meetings. In my experience, he's a really nice guy to be around, and even though he's not a computer expert but something close, you know what I mean. Besides, he used to volunteer as English and computer instructor for community service. I can go on and on telling you about him until Xmas, but find out for yourself next time you see him.
Tidings of comfort and joy, merry Xmas!

2011年12月11日 星期日

YEC Real Time--Merry X'mas--Got Plans?

Helloooo my friends of the YEC,

first of all, it's my honor to introduce you a new friend. In addition to Cliff, who came last week, today we had Janet among us. I believe it has been our delight to share her pleasurable company in class. In my understanding, she's currently a nurse, and like all of us, she's interested in learning English to improve her language skills. Too bad we didn't have more time to get to know her better but I'm sure we'll have plenty more from now on.
   According to survey in class, the YEC is scheduled to take a break on Xmas day so we
can take things easy without any rush, but we'll keep working our way through new year
day, which also falls on Sunday.
   And here, let me inform you that on Xmas eve, Sat.12/24, there will be a potluck supper at
the church at 18:00. As you might already know, Xmas is a time for family reunion; but if you're coming without you family members here, just let me know and I'll see that  the YEC friends are arranged together, like a family. And you might as well bring just enough food for 1~2
servings and your own flatware. By experience, potlucks at church end up with more than plenty due to generosity of people coming by; so if you're bringing nothing at all it doesn't matter much, either. (But don't you guys tell others I said so :)
   It is also a church tradition to have some spectacular activities right after supper, most of which will involve biblical story plays, hymn concerts, raffles, and so on. But I'm not sure of what they have in store this year. Something we can never miss is the benediction (blessing) of the pastor before we call it a day (the end of the night). Well, doesn't all this sound appealing to you? The atmosphere of Xmas is in the air, and I can almost hear the sounds of bells in my ears. Let me end this with a Xmas carol: "today a child is born on earth..." and he came for people like you and me. Merry Xmas. HO HO HO

2011年12月4日 星期日

YEC new friend

Hello my friends of the YEC,
let's welcome our new friend, Cliff Cheng. He found our blog on the internet and showed right up in class. May God bless him for his earnest pursuit. He is currently working for an electrical appliance company and he's eager to learn in order to meet the demands of his job. I'm sure he'll make a whole deal of progress after a time. If he doesn't, then who else can?
Today we haven't finished the lesson 6 yet so keep forging ahead with the remaining. It's only fair if you find yourself checking up the dictionary all the time because building up your vocabulary does takes a price, and you start paying for it right now. After all, no pain no gain. And God "blesses" all who help themselves. These words go for you, too. See you next Sunday.

2011年11月30日 星期三

YEC unit 6 The great confusion

Hi everyone,
we're about to proceed with lesson 6--The Great Confusion, so get prepared by then. And by the way, sorry about the mishap last time, since neither Cindy nor I showed up. There must have been "a great confusion" among those who came to class as usual. This time I hope to see more people returning to the YEC. God bless.

2011年11月3日 星期四

YEC Unit 5--The Flood

Hello my friends of the YEC,
Unit 5 is coming up next time we meet, so get ready as soon as you can. There goes attached the lesson itself for your preview. This time we''ll talk about the anger of God coming down upon all living things on earth. This episode reminds me of "the day after tomorrow". Perhaps the images from the movie will provide you with a more graphic and detailed idea about the days of Noah, but (reading) the bible is a testimony of God's wrath and pledge of love. I hope to see more of you guys showing up (especially those who didn't come back for quite a while). At any rate, God bless you all and see you.

2011年10月15日 星期六

YEC--pause reminder

hi my fellows of the YEC,
may i remind you that the YEC will go through a pause on 10/16 since some of our members will be joining the field trip of the church. We'll be back again on 10/23 to proceed with lesson 4 (vocabulary), which is also attached with this notice for those who didn't get it yet.
May God be with you and shine his grace upon everything you do. See you around.

2011年9月30日 星期五

YEC leson 4--the covenant

Hi my friends,
this week I had a small mishap, so we'll keep going with lesson 4 right after lesson 3. We'll leave the dvd for another time. Our new friend, Sue, finished all the lessons as soon as she got her hands on the book, so everyone get to work now lest you should be left behind! May the Lord bless your reading and hard work. See you then

2011年9月20日 星期二

YEC resumption call

My brothers and sisters of the YEC,
let me remind you that after the recess we're getting back to work again. On this coming Sunday we'll see the discussion questions from unit 3, so get ready for then. See you all in class!

2011年9月7日 星期三


YEC folks,
may i remind you once more that the YEC will go through a short recess of two consecutive weeks (9/11, 9/18). We'll meet again on 9/25 to proceed with the discussion questions of unit 3, so get ready by then. See you and happy holidays!

2011年8月19日 星期五

YEC--Unit 3: The First Family

My friends of the YEC,
as I said last time, we're about to finish unit2 and right after that see an interesting video on biblical documentary. And by the way I'm sending you the next unit in the attached file, so if you want to get to work right away you may have someting to read. I'll see you on sunday morning. Immanuel

2011年8月15日 星期一

YEC latest news Aug 15, 2001

Dear friends of the YEC,
after a survey in class about our schedule next month, we came to this conclusion: the YEC will forge its way through september without recess, unlike our routine prctices. One exception will be the third sunday (9/18), on which I won't be available. I hope to see everyone in class particularly those who didn't show up for quite a bit.
  Next time we'll finish up unit 2 by discussing on the conclusion section,and then see a video. Until then.

2011年7月30日 星期六

Unit 2--A Simple Test

Oop, i guess the attached file didn't show up, so there goes again.

YEC--Unit 2 coming now

Hi folks of the YEC,
coming right now is attached Unit 2 for your reading and convenience of note writing. Even though it looks easy, like a story for children perhaps, it contains many of the biblical connotations that will be used in other parts of the bible too. Most of which will be covered and clarified in our discussions. It's kind of long, actually two and a half pages. So take your time to enjoy your reading. Have a good time guys!

2011年7月16日 星期六

YEC unit1--The Beginning

My dear friends of the YEC,
at last we're about to begin with "The Beginning"--The first unit of our new book. Tomorrow in our weekly meeting, we'll go for the vocabulary first as usual, and then to the translation. This time we have a slight change, I guess some of you may have noticed already as you open up the attached file. In order to follow the exercises in our new reading material, I had no choice but to switch to the Good News Translation's Today's English Version (TEV), although some minor differences can still be seen between the book and the copies I gave. That small discrepancy won't account for too much trouble in the course of our lecture, you might even want to take some time to find them out. In any case, different versions are just different view points of the tranlators; and I'm sure it won't bring about any inconvenience. See you all tomorrow morning. May the almighty creator bless you all as He did with the universe in the beginning.

2011年6月13日 星期一

YEC greetings

hi there,
yesterday we finished the discussion on the vocabulary of the additional study (Unit 13). And next time we're supposed to go on with the translation of the script and discussion of the questions on page 61~63.
  I guess you must have been in the middle of something that kept you from attending. I hope everything is fine with you now, and it is my expectation to see you among us so that we can help one another or share your burdens and worries.
  By the way, our next book is already standing by. So those who didn't get it yet may have it in our next meeting. God be with you in everything. See you then.

2011年5月23日 星期一

YEC latest news

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
it is my pleasure to introduce you to two young ladies that joined us at the YEC on 5/21. Jessie and Eunice, currently working for a finance company, visited our website on the internet and came right after. It's amazing how technology works wonders in connecting people together. However, I believe God led their way to us and it is now our turn to show them our hospitality, passion and enthusiasm.
  We spent a couple of weeks viewing the documentary on Ephesus. Short as it seems, we haven't finished the 25-minute film yet. And next class we're running into the third week on the same topic. I think it was due to the abundant biblical and linguistic background that we encountered in the course of the film. Every time we paused to talk about that bunch of information, time really flies away; and consequently causing us to overshoot class time by half an hour. I'll make an effort to finish it up this time. As you can see, I'm sending you unit 13 with the file attached; so get to work right away.
  As we approach the end of our current book (The Way of Blessing), the next one is already standing by. If you wish to have it for your own, you can buy it at only $150 each, or borrow it as long as you return it intact. This is up to personal choice.
  Again, let's extend our warmest welcome to Jessie and Eunice; and hopefully they become regular attendees among the rest of us at the YEC.
  I can't wait to see everyone in class next week, particularly those who didn't show up for quite a long time. See you then.